Which one ~ 2

I am going to post these post about two edits so I can try to find out what people like, I might go over the top with some, but as I am trying to learn a new artsy take on some photographs by giving your opinion you are greatly helping me learn a new skill. Please comment I truly appreciate it. I am going to post the favorite one on my FB account.

I went slightly overboard with this one. SORRY!! there are two sets of choices. I could not make up my mind which two to pick 🙂

This is an old country road in Kirkkonummi, I love this old oak tree next to the road. The entryway to the property next door is also inviting. I always admire this view which ever season maybe.

21 thoughts on “Which one ~ 2

  1. I’m not sure which of these to go for as they each give a different feeling and I feel differently about each. However, I love the means by which I can view the two versions together with the slider on the image. Is this a plug-in effect? It can only be seen on your site blog page, not on the wp reader.

    1. yes, it is one of the options to show the the photos in WordPress when you choose a new block, it is unfortunate that the option is not transferred to the reader. I am happy that you got feelings about the photos 🙂 that is always a something to aim for 🙂 Have a great day.

  2. At first I liked the second one, but after going back and forth (several times–all pretty in their own way), I think I like the last one best.

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