How to survive November 2020-12

Oak trees in Vols

Midway through November, no signs of winter in the southern part of Finland. Just now the temperature outside is 7,4 Celsius. The sun is out, the sky is partly cloudy with sunshine. Not bad, not bad at all. The light does wonders as does a good night of sleep to the spirits.

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Oak trees in Vols – color

We can all do with a bright and happy smile to brighten our day. An old photo of my oldest grandson. He was such funny kid with deep thoughts. He was about three years old when he had this profound thought – for a three year old. “It is so hard to know, all that you need to know” ” On vaikea tietää, aina mitä kaikkea pitää tietää!”

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  1. Harmaata on, mutta lapsen hymy tuo aina valoa ja iloa. Oivallinen ajatus kolmivuotiaalta!

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