Countdown to 2021-12

We made an online order for our Christmas meals starter – we ordered fresh fish from a local smokery. For years now the starter is the more important part of the meal. Fish, roe, caviar and all the side dishes that go with it.

Today we need to do some shopping, so lets go on on a hunt for something red… like an ambulance.

Today: Sunrise at 9:17 – Sunset 15:15 – Length of day 5:57 hours – time of dusk 0:57 minutes . Two minutes less of daylight than yesterday. Only 10 more days until winter solstice.

I was listening to music and I thought I’s share one artist I often listen to Paolo Nutini. He seems to have disappeared from the scene, but I do love his voice and songs. Nothing to with Xmas, but good music is good music.

I will be posting new and old photos somehow related to winter, Christmas and eventually anticipation of new year. My aim is to take one new photo a day, but not going to stress over it, if I don’t come up with anything.

Would you like to join us? Join in with this title and link it to my page.

9 thoughts on “Countdown to 2021-12

  1. Telepatiaa, juuri kun avasin kuvasi, Isäntä katselee tilauskaavaketta…meren antimia, monessa muodossa…toivottavasti laittaa tilauksen menemään. Kraavilohi kuvasi on mahtava!

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