Faces *

Frank, from Beach walk reflections approached me if I wanted to collaborate with him and provide photos for one of his posts. He asked what kind photos I have, he had a list of topics to choose from. I could have provided photos to many of the topics, in the end and he chose to write about Faces* and after few discussions later he suggested photo collages, which worked out well for me.

Have a look at his post to see what he wrote about faces and the collages he chose to go with it. This was fun, maybe will do this again 🙂 You can visit his blog also from here* and see the rest of the images.

11 thoughts on “Faces *

  1. I’m working my way backwards on posts, so I haven’t gotten to Frank’s yet. I love your faces. I never feel comfortable taking photos of people’s faces. 😦


    1. Janet, I usually stay further away, have zoom lense and wait for a person to be natural taking to them and pausing being quiet, letting them forget I am there – ignore me and that way I get the most natural shots , with out posing.

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