Green reflections

Pickings from my road trip. I love capturing reflections, these are from the Fiskarsinjoki river.

The Fiskarsinjoki river runs through a park-like cultural landscape as you could see few photos in a previous post. Along a fairly evenly flowing river there is some rocky, rapids section. The water is quite clear. The Fiskarsinjoki is relatively flat, although it has a few bottlenecks.

These are taken at park-like section 🙂 before and after a the Fiskars’ mill. The Original was already in active use in the 1620s, the new mill was built of slag brick in 1898 on the site of the old mill. the Photos of the mill windows were in the previous post.

Fiskars Mill

18 thoughts on “Green reflections

  1. These are beautiful, Ritva. I like that last photo a lot–one pane of glass missing. But it looks perfect as is.

  2. I like the pictures, Ritva. And also, yes, slag brick (in one of your earlier posts), I thought I recognised it – we have buildings made of that here in Bristol. 🙂

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