I like blue color

I was trying to come up with a title, I could not come up with any. I thought I’d make a post, but I have nothing to say. Nothing is happening. Days are short. I work. I watch tv. Sleep. Then I do the same again.

I have been practicing oil ink paintings, most of them are rubbish. I have tried to do warm tones, reds, orange and yellow. Cold tones, they turned out much better. It looks so easy, but to get anything presentable is hard. It is fun, but the room needs to be easily ventilated, but with the cold weather we have been having you just cannot keep the windows open.(-16C / 9F for nearly a week, today it’s only -1,3C /29F) so I’ve had my head full of fumes 🙂

I have not photographed anything worth publishing lately as I have not been doing anything.

I have admired our updated kitchen, I am happy with how it turned out. I more than once I questioned my choices in colors and materials. We only changed the tiles, countertop, sink and lights, the cabinets remained as they where. The kitchen table was sanded and re-waxed, so it is now the same shade as the kitchen countertops

Now I know the topic, it is something that is common in both of paragraph’s above, blue. They are blue.

9 thoughts on “I like blue color

  1. We updated our kitchen, too, everything but change the cabinets. I couldn’t justify the cost–was going to be huge! Your blues are beautiful.

      1. My house is over 60 years old, so the cabinets are a mix of woods: oak and maple. Doesn’t sound too pretty, but the brown variations go well with our countertops which have beige/grey/white in them. The floor is a beige/grey pine. To brighten all the ‘blandness’ I have pops of red in the kitchen. I spend so much time in there–I love to cook and bake–and the red livens things up just enough for me. But seeing your deep blue–it is beautiful!

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