January 2022

New year is here, one moment of time is once again come and gone. New beginning or continuing of the same. For me the latter I think, not that much is going to change, not directly at least.

Looking into the future ?

I have three boys, all grown up, but my boys. They have lived near me most of the time. Now that is about to change.

One is moving about 600 kilometers away, so are my grandkids that have been living 200 meters from us are moving also, big change. They are not going to pop up for some cookies anymore. The chance to see them grow is changing. Time will tell how it going to workout.

One is going on this travels again, when he is coming back, if he is coming back is in the unknown category. He is drawn to South America, Asia direction. He is starting in Peru and then he goes where the mood takes him.

One is staying put, at least for the time being and if he moves it will be with on half a hours drive.

My boys

Changes, but not directly to me, but to the near and dear ones. I will for a time been continue to work for the county as housing counselor, helping people to find homes, stay in their homes and trying to sort out the financial problems they might be facing regarding their housing issues. I have been doing this for the past months, a new direction to me as I have always worked in the private sector in various office jobs.

Looking for a photo of us together was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is literally none.

I do not often say much about myself in this blog, I post photos of the world I see and how I see it. Hoping that they tell the story. Like macro shots, well I am home, nothing much to do I will capture things near me. Summer photos, mostly from my summer home and the travels, not that many in the recent years. As I said, capturing what I see in the world surrounding me. I will continue doing the same thing. My life is not all that interesting, I do art, take photos and am happily married and occasionally see friends. Simple but happy life. Most of the time anyways!

6 thoughts on “January 2022

  1. Happy New Year, Ritva. Your opening picture does fit the future. Truly a wonderful one! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. Being used to having your boys and grandkids so close then adjusting to them being further away and not seeing them as often will be a challenging change. Keep smiling!

  2. Those really are lots of changes but I know you’ll weather them well. I really enjoyed reading more about your life and seeing your family photos. The ice on the window shot made me think of a…shot…where the “hole” is. 🙂 Must be reading too many thrillers. 🙂 Happy 2022, Ritva

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