Memory lane- Oregon

I am sitting at my desk watching the snow fall and dreaming of sunshine and warm weather.

So, I was going through my archives, again, for photos that I haven’t really edited. So I edited them. I have lot’s of photos that I have not taken that need a closer look. Some need to have the horizon straightened, maybe add little contrast and light. So I have done that. Touch here and there.

Oregon coast

I am so restless, I would love to travel see new beautiful places, but I cannot due to the pandemic, so I am on a memory lane trip to some of places I have been. Hope you will join me on the scenic tour of lovely places.

Rocks at the beach

At first I will take you to the Oregon coast line, unfortunately I do not recall what beach or location other than coastline, at the time I did not write them down, for me it is enough that they are beautiful locations and loved the views. These are as far as 2013. we were visiting my sister in Canada, she lived near the US boarder so we decided to take a trip to see Seattle and Oregon while we were so close.

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