Issue solved

What a week!

I am no IT Guru, in anyways and it has been obvius as I have now taken my new computer to use. I set it up myself, added all the safety programs I had previously, I also have once again uploaded my editing tools that I use. Unfortunately all the edits I had in my lightroom on the old computer were lost, and as my new back up, that I just bought broke, which had all my new photos and their edits. I now have to do them again, that includes my Crete photos, fortunately I had those all so on the compurer and was able to send them as a zip file to myself, so I did loose them altogether.

Today I had an interview for a job as a team interview, and a new problem came up with the sound… I so love and hate this technology.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is, I am now back in action. All I have to do is edit all my photos again, (practice,makes you better if not perfect! 🙂 ) That I have taken this year, and that I am able to access. Some are now lost for good. Now on, I am going to do a back up monthly, or maybe I should do it as soon as I add new photos and have edited them. What are the chances that I will loose back up and computer at the same time…

Here are few love locks from Tampere, I shot them week ago 🙂

2 thoughts on “Issue solved

  1. I am so sorry about all the lost photos, Ritva. I have my computer set to auto-backup every month, but every so often my husband does a mirror image thing…he’s a retired computer tech so we do that. So far so good. We do have a love/hate relationship with technology, don’t we?!

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