Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #223 – Flights of Fancy

John from Journeys with Johnbo wrote on his blog this defination of the challenge Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #223 – Flights of Fancy

According to Dictionary.com, the idiom “flight of fancy” refers to “an unrealistic idea or fantastic notion, a pipe dream. For example, ‘She engaged in flights of fancy, such as owning a million-dollar house.’ This idiom uses flight in the sense of ‘a soaring of the imagination,’ a usage dating from the mid-1600s.”

I am going to approach this theme flight of fancy by photography styles mainly strong colors or post-processing manipulations.

Maybe my fancy is to go back and see the beauty of the Australian coast… or spend time on a empty beach by myself, listening to the sea …

at the baech

Dreams, travels, dream like visions. I am mainly a photographer and a digital artist. I try to reach out with my photos rather than words, I will continue to do so, not that many explanations, make your own interpretation as you wish. Here are some dream visions. Peace is one constant theme…

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