How to Survive November 2022 – 10

I was not broken or wounded when I heard this song, but it definitely spoke to me on an emotional level.

Haunting…” That is how I would describe this song written by bassist and singer-songwriter Aimee Mann. “Save Me”

Mann has gained critical success for the soundtrack of dramatic film “Magnolia”, starring Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore.

“You look like… a perfect fit,
For a girl in need… of a tourniquet.
But can you save me?
Come on and save me…
If you could save me,
From the ranks of the freaks,
Who suspect they could never love anyone”

The words “save me” have been mentioned many, many times in the song that tells of a wounded woman who has been to different relationship and gets out broken-hearted every time. Mmm… a girl in need of tourniquet is quite a harrowing picture in mind.

“You struck me dumb, Like radium
Like Peter Pan, or Superman,
You have come… to save me.
Come on and save me…”

The meaning of this song…?

Basically the world is full of folks who have issues with intimacy–the so-called “freaks who suspect they could never love anyone”. And one day you wake up and realize that you’re sick to death of looking for that one person who’s not an emotional basket case.

She wants the new relationship to work out, but she’s unsure, because her man would have to practically have superpowers to help her forget all shit she’s been through.
I particularly love the last verse– because, of course, the universe is also brimming with folks who are so fucked up that the only people they can love are people who don’t love, period.

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