Vacation time

I will be going on a vacation on Thursday for three weeks, will be enjoying new places, sun and experiencing new foods, hopefullymeeting new people. I will post photos taken with my camera when I get back, I am brave and I am leaving my laptop home. I might post something from my phone, most likely, but who knows.

I bought these tickets two years ago, but all thats been going on has postponed it. But now, so happy to have a break from the winter and the dark season, even if we have snow now. Our plan was to go in February but the fact that we had to postpone also changed the month. Hope the weather is pleasant anyways. last time it was a bit nippy 🙂 in January.

Looking forward to sunny beaches, warm sand under my feet.

Sightseeing is the other part and cooler weather is good for that as long as it doesn’t rain. It will be what it is, but we will be on vacation from the normal life rut. So looking forward to this. We rented a car so we can move from one place to an other, hotels are booked and research done for the places we are going to visit. We are ready.

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