Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #237 – Bringing softness.

Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #237 – Bringing softness hosted my Bren at BRASHLEY PHOTOGRAPHY

for #Lens-Artists #The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

For this weeks’ challenge, show us how you soften your images. You don’t have to stick to flowers, landscapes and architecture are also ideal subjects. By lowering the clarity and creating softness in those areas frames the subject in an image, be it a tree, path, bridge, even a door or house or just a dreamy looking image. 

This is a fun one, softness is a great too to use a photo that is not too sharp in the first place to make it usable. 🙂 But seriously a great way to change a mood of a shot as well place the focus where you want. For this challenge I decided to edit some recent photos with this challenge in mind and not to use previously done.

Enjoying a day at the beach

Just slipping into the soft relaxed mood with the photo above and below

Sand atthe Beach

I find dusk to be a very lovely time to take photos as the light is already soft. The shot below is from Boone Hall in Charleston

Boone Hall

This sunset was lovely,(below) but the photo itself was not, it was grainy and out of focus as I shot it from a moving car from the side window in rather high speed. Adding soft focus made it presentable

This shot was full of distractions so the softness in the background helped to clarify the whole shot.

A horse that I have brought to be a very clear topic with soft background

I have taken so many flower shots, mostly with a macro lens, here I picked two that were not but I edited them. First rose is a rose.

Below orange leaves on a tree

Then you can find a selection of random shots with softness as one element

As I’ve stated before I am not a very technical photographer, more into composition, mood. I do my magic on the edit table mostly, if you can call it magic, more like my interpretation of places and people. I am also not one to write all that much, let the photos speack for themselves.

I have two cameras an old reliable SONY SLT-A65V, and I have two lences I use with it one for Macro Sony Macro 2.8/50 and portraits. The other for nearly everything a Sony 18-200mm.

The Sony has been in less use since I bought a new lighter one to carry around, its a Olympus E-M10 Mark II with a 14-150mm lense and I have a OM-D M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm 1:1.8 for street and portrait photography

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photography Challenge #237 – Bringing softness.

  1. Ritva, these are fabulous images and you’ve captured the softness brilliantly. I have to say, I am in awe of your final image what with the bokeh, reflection, the softness of the whole image, leaving just that bead in focus, along with the colours makes it an awesome image. Fantastic job.xx

      1. Yes, my macro also makes a small focus point. And even if you change the f/number it doesn’t fully sharpen the image. First of all I never liked this lens… It would sit my camera back never seeing the light of day. Then one day, I decided I am going to use this lens and get to grips with it. So pleased I did! Now it’s my go to lens when strolling around landscaped gardens.

        1. We don’t do portrait photography, but I just love how it captures my dogs, nose or paw. Wish I could do more shots of him, but he won’t stay still xx 😀 😀 😀

  2. Wow, you always take us up a notch. I have to say I love the model in the first photo. Softness comes in all shapes and sizes. And the beach so tranquil. Appreciate how you shared bringing your not perfect sunset before to romanticism, and the horse photo to a focus on the horse without the distractions. Love them all, but the turquoise has to be my favorite.

    1. I appreciate that first point, I myself had not thought about it that way but yes it does come in all shapes and sizes. One has to do something to fix bad photos, make impressionistic art 😀 the lens was the key to the success of the last image

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