Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #244—Glowing moments

What glowing moments have been special in your life?  that is the question of this week from Siobhan.

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #244—Glowing moments

My first though was many special occasions when people glow with happiness. Young people glow. People glow, some glow when pregnant, not me… not the best of times for me, but some women do glow. Often I have glowed with pride looking at my children 🧒

Brides are often said to glow… Happiness, smile makes us glow this is a fact.

Blue of the sea, fireworks, sunsets, citylights, moonlight all glowing moments to treasure.

Art can glow and smile

below, mothers pride, children glowing, people enjoying a glowing sunset

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #244—Glowing moments and  lens-artist tag

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #244—Glowing moments

  1. I loved the photos of the little boy playing in the sprinkler, Ritva! The fireworks and bird gliding over the seashore were magical. I also liked the one of the Golden Nugget. You captured the glow that attracts so many people to its doors.

  2. Menopause makes me glow 😉. I ❤️ your glowing photos – the nature scenes are amazing and one can definitely see glowing faces in your people images.

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