Long weekend, we were so hoping to be able to go to spend this weekend at our summer house, but still too much snow, we would not be able to drive to to our house, plus not much to do as everything is under snow. So instead we stayed home, the weather was lovely and it really felt like spring.

We spent time on our patio, had this year’s first barbecue, basically we watched the sun melt and loved the feeling of sunrays on our faces. We did get out of our house, went to Helsinki to see loads of people come out of their homes to welcome a warmish day in the city.

First we went to Kaivopuisto is situated right at the tip of the Helsinki peninsula. It is one of the oldest and most popular parks in the city. There from the dock I took this shot of Suomenlinna. The coast quard was on the lookout

Café Ursula is popular livingroom on the shore of beautiful Kaivopuisto Park. The seaside café Ursula was founded in 1952, the same year as the Olympic Games took place in Helsinki. The cafe has since the beginning steered it´s profits to charities, nowadays as well. I took these photos next to it.

Lots of people walking by the shore, sitting on the rocks. I was surpised about the amount of tourist we had at this time of the year. Lines to buy ice cream were long… spring.

The Canada goose was very much visible in the park

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