Spring 2023

Well it has been cold lately, but hopefully it will in coming day warm up a little bit. Hoping. I got inspired when I found my old photos from the Botanical garden and took on myself to visit the place again.

You can see the spring is not all that advanced here, because the trees are just about to bloom, is that the appropriate here, maybe not, but the are nearly ready to glow in vibrant new green leaves. And some red leaves also could be seen.

Early sign of spring

Different types of Anemones were also in bloom, some fading away.

4 thoughts on “Spring 2023

  1. Beautiful photos! Spring is such a colourful season (and it makes me sneeze too 😉). Love that tree with the red flowers! We are now in autumn but our temperature was around 28C by lunch time … so I guess we are in a long summer!

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