Butterflies 🦋

🦋 butterflies are so lovely … Here are some I have been lucky to capture.

And as Denzil wrote: For Nature Photo Challenge #13 we focus on Butterflies. Butterflies of course are beautiful, photogenic, and interesting. They deserve to be protected just because they are butterflies and worthy of our love and protection. However, they are also highly useful insects.

If you ask me to name these species, no, not able to do that, but as stated they are lovely.

For Denzil´s Nature Photo Challenge.

11 thoughts on “Butterflies 🦋

  1. I’m not an expert on butterflies either … but it’s true that every one of them is beautiful! I struggle to take photos of butterflies (maybe I’m in too much of a hurry), but wow, you have so many stunning photos here!

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