Yesterday I had a appointment with a neurologist. I felt rather frustrated after it, doctors and their manners, how they talk to patients. He was not rude, but he did not come across as sincere, compassionate person or as he cared about me and my ailments. He seemed very blaséd.

It felt so good to tell your symptoms to a person who seems not to really care. Not. I think one of the most helpful things to do would be is add training to the doctors on bedside manners and basic listening skills. A doctor might be skilled very knowledgeable, but to get the most information from your patient you need to show interest and care – maybe have some follow up questions. I don’t know. I did not feel all that good after that visit. Nothing had changed from year ago, I did not learn anything new, get explanations…

He sent me to have couple blood tests, I was lucky I got in even if I did not have a appointment in 25 minutes. The lab technician seemed unsure about my test, even went to check if it was the right tube, apparently it was not frequently done test in this hospital. Happy that it was done I drove home only to receive a phone call from the lab that the lab technician has not taken all the tests. Well, mistakes happen so I need to go back today to have the rest.

On Thursday I am going to have my first Covid jab… that is good news.

Now I am trying to figure what photo to add, as I did not take any at the hospital. I cannot have a post without a photo. You know, Ritva Sillanmäki Photography being the title 🙂 So these have no relevance to my text. Swans just happen to be beautiful, graceful birds.

Once again thanks for reading this far about my today’s grievance.