Traveling in Eastern Finland #2

Here are few random shots from Lake Saimaa. As I stated in the previous post it was raining so here are some artsy shots from the boat.

Traveling in eastern Finland

We spent a day in Eastern Finland at Lappeenranta and Imatra. In the few next post I will post few photos from those places. I will do them in chronicle order. It happened to be a cloudy and rainy day over there at home it was sunshine all day. Nonetheless we had a a nice day.

These are from lake Saimaa and the Mälkiä lock which is the first one it is the largest one with a drop of 12,4 meters.

approaching the lock – it was raining.

The Saimaa Canal is a transportation canal that connects lake Saimaa with the Gulf of Finland near Vyborg, Russia. The canal was built from 1845 to 1856 and opened on 7 September 1856 (Old Style: 26 August 1856). It was overhauled and widened in 1963–1968.