found in an old chair

I has you guessing in an earlier post as to what I’ve photographed, well, these are from the same topic, old chair springs that he replaced for new ones. It is hard to find new things to take photos off. Soon we will have spring and I can see the nature come to bloom and that will help a lot. Take care everyone of yourself and your loved ones.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking the image.

12 thoughts on “found in an old chair

  1. Great creative expression, Ritva! As I can’t get out safely, I’ve resorted to creating Still Lifes!

  2. These are super stunning images, Ritva! The movement in the curving forms, the light reflections and the rich colours are really something! Who would have thought you could make something so beautiful from the innards of an old chair 🙂

  3. Upeita kuvia! Jo olisi muuten kurjaa jos nyt joutuisi istumaan vänkällään olevilla jousilla 😀 Pysy terveenä!

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