found in an old chair

I has you guessing in an earlier post as to what I’ve photographed, well, these are from the same topic, old chair springs that he replaced for new ones. It is hard to find new things to take photos off. Soon we will have spring and I can see the nature come to bloom and that will help a lot. Take care everyone of yourself and your loved ones.

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A blacksmith

This blacksmith ( , Iikka Pyötsiä was selling and showcasing his craft at Hvitträsk yesterday at the Chrismas market. I have studied sculpture with him and he his very talented in that  area too and I know he has done pieces that combine both metal and sculpture’s done with clay.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal

I had to go through lots of files to find if I had any photos with metal in them, well I did, the window frames are metal, so is the candle lantern, and the table the carnation is photographed.

2014-05-24-18 2014-05-24-14 Carnation (32 of 32)

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal