How to survive November 2021 Day 1

Today starts all of our favorite month, November! This year we’ll get rid of gray by painting the month in green. Lepis from Parallel lines has hosted this challenge for years, I have been part of it for several years too, feel free to join us 🙂

My first green is a collage I did last week that I posted in my Instagram stories., but it is so appropriate for this post, so I placed it as the header for this post.

Create your November green by:

  • finding green
  • photographing green
  • painting green
  • coloring green
  • crocheting green
  • make green choices
  • change your living green
  • eat green and so on

Open your world to a green November and enjoy your creativity. How you do it is free as long as it’s green!

found in an old chair

I has you guessing in an earlier post as to what I’ve photographed, well, these are from the same topic, old chair springs that he replaced for new ones. It is hard to find new things to take photos off. Soon we will have spring and I can see the nature come to bloom and that will help a lot. Take care everyone of yourself and your loved ones.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking the image.

Can you guess?

As social-distancing is the thing one needs to find things to photograph at home or in my case my own yard too. Can you guess what I’ve photographed?