Countdown to 2021-9

We walked through the mall today and saw Christmas decorations to try to lift our Christmas spirits, as I for one, really do not have any.

Today: Sunrise at 9:15 – Sunset 15:16 – Length of day 6:01 hours – time of dusk 0:57 minutes

Two minutes less of daylight than yesterday. Only 13 more days until winter solstice..

It was so nice to sit and chat face to face, enjoy nice lunch, that I did not make myself. Like a journey to the good old days 🙂 LOL , yeah.

I will be posting new and old photos somehow related to winter, Christmas and eventually anticipation of new year. My aim is to take one new photo a day, but not going to stress over it, if I don’t come up with anything.

Would you like to join us? Join in with this title and link it to my page.

13 thoughts on “Countdown to 2021-9

  1. Täytyy kyllä sanoa, että alkaa olla aika kyllästynyt omiin sapuskoihin! Siksi onkin aina ihanaa, jos ja kun pääsee ulos syömään.

      1. I agree. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to make new friends here due to Covid, but tomorrow night we’re Zooming with close friends from Illinois.

        1. Having moved many times, that is one of the downsides even without Covid , and the older we get it is harder to acquire new friends. It takes adjusting. I have lived a year in a place and made no fiends just few acquaintances

  2. Well I’m not a Christmassy person anyway, but the pandemic is certainly putting a whole new look on things. Having Christmas in these current times seems almost bizarre. Well, my friend, the solstice will be here soon – hold on!!! 🙂

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