Yesterday I enjoyed a delicious meal and as I took photos of them because they were so beautifully prepared and presented. Yammy… nettle soup with poached egg, perched pike with potatoes and finally a brûlée with rhubarb and raspberry sorbet.

Fish 🐠 dish

Countdown to 2021-9

We walked through the mall today and saw Christmas decorations to try to lift our Christmas spirits, as I for one, really do not have any.

Today: Sunrise at 9:15 – Sunset 15:16 – Length of day 6:01 hours – time of dusk 0:57 minutes

Two minutes less of daylight than yesterday. Only 13 more days until winter solstice..

It was so nice to sit and chat face to face, enjoy nice lunch, that I did not make myself. Like a journey to the good old days 🙂 LOL , yeah.

I will be posting new and old photos somehow related to winter, Christmas and eventually anticipation of new year. My aim is to take one new photo a day, but not going to stress over it, if I don’t come up with anything.

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