Travel memories 6

No travel in sight, so I am going to post photos of lovely places I have visited. I will keep it simple, lots of posts, less words is the theme in these posts.

Housing in Amalfi town , these buildings are so picturesque.

Houses on the hills of Amalfi
House seen from behind the lovely lamp

I love the sea, beaches, forests, mountains, countryside and lovely cities and the people in them. Colors; blue, green, red, white, yellows and what ever you can find around you. I love beauty and these photos remind me of beauty I have seen.

Welcome to my travels, some of them you might seen before…well, that’s life! Let’s go with the flow…

4 thoughts on “Travel memories 6

  1. This is the perfect theme to follow your “Getting to 2021” series. Aren’t you glad I nominated you? 🙂 I am because I’m enjoying all these photos.


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