Travel memories 5

No travel in sight, so I am going to post photos of lovely places I have visited. I will keep it simple, lots of posts, less words is the theme in these posts.

Visiting Villa San Michele in Capri , looking at Hermes

Where the sculpture loggia ends and the long pergola begins stands a bronze statue that somehow marks the transition between indoors and out of doors. It represents the messenger of the gods, Hermes, sitting at rest. The small wings on the sides of his feet are folded. The sculpture is a turn of the 19th century copy of an antique original which was excavated in Herculaneum and now stands in the Archaeological Museum in Naples. This work of art was a gift to Munthe from the City of Naples in recognition of his relief work during the cholera epidemic 1884-85. (text:

View of and old house at Capri, Italy

I love the sea, beaches, forests, mountains, countryside and lovely cities and the people in them. Colors; blue, green, red, white, yellows and what ever you can find around you. I love beauty and these photos remind me of beauty I have seen.

Welcome to my travels, some of them you might seen before…well, that’s life! Let’s go with the flow…

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  1. Näiden paikkojen historia on todella se joka kiehtoo. Tykkään tuosta alimmasta kuvasta, mietteliäs Hermes!

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