What winter looks like

I have no plan other than that I am going to share pictures of what winter looks like. These pictures were not taken on the day I post them, but random shots of what winter can look like in southern Finland.

Not all images are new, actually most are images are imagers that accumulated in my archives waiting to be edited. I have re-processed them for these posts with the newly learned editing skills that I have been working on for years. I am a self learner.

I am not really inspired by anything at the moment, so this is one way I try to stay active. Winter can be beautiful, gloomy, watery, cold or depressing. My intention is that all the pictures would look good, no matter what the weather was the day I pressed the camera shutter button to capture a view or detail of winter. Images can be in color or black and white or both. I will keep it simple, one photo in the post and an other as a featured image.

8 thoughts on “What winter looks like

      1. I lived it most of my life. I actually like winter, although ours didn’t come with as many dark hours as yours. Not saying that I dislike living in Arizona, but I do miss snow.

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