What winter looks like – 5

I have no plan other than that I am going to share pictures of what winter looks like. These pictures were not taken on the day I post them, but random shots of what winter can look like in southern Finland.

Not all images are new, actually most are images are images that accumulated in my archives waiting to be edited. I have re-processed them for these posts. My intention is that all the pictures would look good, no matter what the weather was the day I pressed the camera shutter button to capture a view or detail of winter. . I will keep it simple, one photo in the post and an other as a featured image.

8 thoughts on “What winter looks like – 5

  1. I’m really enjoying these shots, Ritva. Sue’s right, this does look a bit bleak but if there were some sunshine, it would look very different, at least to me.

    1. Sunshine makes a huge difference, unfortunately many days we lack it. You are Enjoying these because you miss winter. To me it doesn’t feel like Christmas when in a sunny and warm place. It’s to me the dream of a white Christmas, hopefully we will have it this year

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