Three weeks I have been home and the cough continues, I am so tired of this. I have been watching the weather change from really to cold to the plus with grey skies and melting snow. Yesterday it snowed again and I went to the patio to capture it with my backyard view as a backdrop.


In spite of been stuck at home I decided to participate to a challenge 52 frames. One photo a week on a certain topic. The first one was my BW selfie I took just at the beginning of my omikron journey, the second of my frosty tree. I am working on the third.

close up of a pine tree on snow

These shots have nothing to do with the challenge, obviously, other than that the scene is the same as in my previous shot, my backyard view. I took some more artistic liberties with the featured image at the top, does it work, or not?

Pine trees on a hill

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