Oh, A 🦌 Deer

Today, I saw this lovely deer ,from the window facing my backyard, posing on the hill. It would have been nice to go outside and take the photosthere, but it would have run away, if I’d gone and opened the door. So, I took these through the window, taking this to consideration they came out ok.

A deer standing on a hill

It stood there on the hill for a while, looked around and finally turning and walked away. Just to lay down and rest on the hill behind a fallen tree, so that only the ears were visible.

🦌 Deer

6 thoughts on “Oh, A 🦌 Deer

  1. I think I have only two photos of deer from this area–both blurs. They are so quick, and their hearing is amazing. I had stopped the car and rolled down my car window. Deer heard that and was gone. Your photos are lovely, Ritva. He is looking right at you!

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