How to survive November 2021 Day 12

What would I not do on my quest for green, the sacrifices one has to make 😀

I saw a friend after work yesterday, I was already going to the mall to buy some art supplies, and on a impulse I thought I would ask a friend on for a cup of coffee, no planning or making calendar appointments, just are you free for a cup of coffee.

I am getting old, I miss times when you could pop to a friends house unannounced, you could walk or drive by and see if they were home. Pop in for a quick chat. Nowadays it is more planned, I think it is a shame. I miss the spontaneity of impromptu visits.

Oh, back to yesterday: She said it was too late for her to drink coffee. So we we ended chatting by a glass of wine for few hours. And what a nice surprise, I saw green 🙂

Our favorite month, November! This year we’ll get rid of gray by painting the month in green. Lepis from Parallel lines has hosted this challenge for years, I have been part of it for several years too, feel free to join us 🙂

Open your world to a green November and enjoy your creativity. How you do it is free as long as it’s green!