How to survive November 2021 Day 15

Monday, temperature -4C , a bit nippy. I should have stopped to take some frosty green shots, but did not, I only took this one shot of a winter fluffer, I don’t know it that is a right name for this plant you can see a bit of green behind the frosty plants. As in yesterdays post, I was a really stretching it with the touch of green grass between the tree branches, same thing today..

Weekend passed and the only thing I did on my laptop was post my two November surviving posts I did not even link them until now. Today I will catch up

I did also take a photo of a green chair at the office 🙂

Our favorite month, November! This year we’ll get rid of gray by painting the month in green. Lepis from Parallel lines has hosted this challenge for years, I have been part of it for several years too, feel free to join us 🙂

Open your world to a green November and enjoy your creativity. How you do it is free as long as it’s green!

18 thoughts on “How to survive November 2021 Day 15

  1. Midway through and you are still going strong! I have never heard of a winter fluffer, but I love the name and the flower is pretty.

      1. I’ve lived in the Midwest with four seasons almost my entire life and when we lived in Ohio it was cloudy plenty of days of the year. Of course we’ve never had the really long hours of dark that you have there. I think that would be hard to take.

  2. Täälläkin oli pakkasta yksi yö, mutta ei se huurretta tehnyt. Pikkasen oli auton ikkunat jäässä. Äsken römpsäytti vähän räntää, onneksi loppui.

      1. Onneksi! Nyt oli, näyttää auton ikkunat olevan vieläkin paksussa jäässä. Ja aloitti pöllyyttämään sitä semmoista valkoista….

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