52 Frames, Week 4: Minimalist!


Still working with what I could find at home. Minimalist as a topic was great as I am still on sick leave due to Covid. I have been home since January 3rd. I can tell you the walls are beginning to fall on me. Still so tired, I have about 4 hours of OK feeling then I am back on the sofa watching tv.

I have to pick one of these to share, do you have any opinions to help me with which one I should choose to be my minimalist pick. All opinions are welcome.


which color is better ? 5. and 6.

15 thoughts on “52 Frames, Week 4: Minimalist!

  1. I love the clear glass and white🤍the little flowers and the shadow of the glass bottles … all work for …be well Ritva…big hugs over the pond🤗🤍🤍🕊hedy

  2. #1 is my favorite–that beautiful round vase and spark of light is so lovely. Goodness, Ritva, I hope you feel better soon. I have lived like a hermit for the past 2 years, just trying to stay away from people so I don’t catch anything. So strange…

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