I have been thinking

that is such a original title, it sure gives you a reason to read this post.

I have been doing a little bit of thinking lately, about my photography, and my feeling about social media. As I’ve been having issues with my compter and back-ups and all problems, delays that has followed from them, I am so behind with my posts. Or am I?

Green leaves and droplets

I have been sucked in to this notion, that if you don’t share your photos straight away they are not relevant anymore. Everyone posts their photos direckly from their mobile, even from the location or at least the same day. I do that occasionally too, of coarse I do, but I take most of my photos with the old fashioned way, with a camera. I take time to look through them, edit them and then post them. Due to that, I am always posting at least a day or two later than the day I shot them. Are they still relevant question them comes to mind.

Droplets and reflections

Stupid as it is, it feels like that, and it shouldn’t. This summer it has been a real problem (or not) as my problems have caused me to wait weeks to download them and to do what I do with my photos. Sharing photos on Facebook or Instagram weeks after feels like I am totally late. Should I post at all ?

This has caused me lack of inspiration to post anything, like who cares, really. It is all in my mind, and I know it is totally stupidity on my part. Who cares and knows where I am and when…

Having said all this I’ve decided to start posting photos I took this summer. I did not take as many photographs this summer as I usually do, one of the reasons been the the issues I have been writing about and the other is I feel that I have taken so many photos of the same places and things that I ended up not carrying my camera around with me.

Wow, haven’t written this much in a long time, if you read this far, thanks! Tell me what you think about this topic, if anything 🙂

I need to add a couple photos to this post, well that is what i usually do, post photos. As this is such grumpy, self-defense, teary post. Droplets will be the theme.

15 thoughts on “I have been thinking

  1. Ritva–I have no idea when photos were taken that bloggers post. Does it matter to me? No, it doesn’t. If the photo says something to them and they want to post–even it was taken several years ago–then good for them. I will sit with them and enjoy their photo. Time doesn’t factor in my enjoyment for their posting. I love to see your photos. They are always so lovely and so creative. When you took them is no matter to me. I just enjoy seeing the photos.

  2. I always love your photos, Ritva. To me time does not matter – what matters are the iimages, the creativity, the thoughts. I think it’s easily done, getting stuck in thoughts like that, because of the fast going society with its fast going media. I really hate it in fact…I almost never post immediately, and most of my images are old. I have not been that active since covid came along and made most of my creativity lame. I love images done with thoughtfulness, not instant coffee…

  3. I don’t care when the photos were taken. I never post straight from my phone/iPad and the earliest I am is a day after whatever happened. Life should be enjoyed and then shared rather than trying to both live it and post it. Just have your life and then post and if you post photos from years ago, good for you. I love these drop shots whenever they were taken. I don’t do Instagram. Our society is too obsessed with sharing every bit of a person’s life. Who cares about that? You keep doing what you’re doing. I love it.


    1. Thanks for the love Janet, I am in social media and I think the pressure to post instantly comes there. I have to set my mindset to the way it was. this is true what you wrote; Our society is too obsessed with sharing every bit of a person’s life. Who cares about that? , yes, no-one in the end cares.

  4. I rarely post photos right away. I do it the “old fashioned way” as well. The only images that are normally current are my Best of the Week I post on Sundays. I post one from each week of the month at the end of the month in a Changing Seasons post. All of my posts link back to my facebook page Lingering Visions.
    I love your photography and never think about how current your images are when I see them.

    1. Dawn that is good to hear, thanks for the support. I try to take new photos and I also often edit old ones, as I have learned quite a bit during the years I’ve had this blog and what i can bring out in the some of my old photos now to what icold do then is huge. I also share my photos in FB at Ritva’s Art – Ritva Sillanmäki 🙂

  5. Ritva- I always enjoy seeing your photos, and it honestly doesn’t matter when they were taken. Our society now is on warp speed, and we need to slow down, savour the moments, take time to reflect. A lot of my images are old… I agree with Ann Christine “I love images done with thoughtfulness, not instant coffee…”

    1. Thanks Sue, thanks for your constant support on my photo’s, and I totally agree with you, Our society now is on warp speed, and we need to slow down, savour the moments, take time to reflect. Unfortunately, I am bit in it, trying my best to slow down.

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