I took this opportunity to share some new stuff, I took these yesterday as the season changed in a day.

Sunday we had temperatures of 26C and over night summer ended and autumn temperetures came on us. It was 16C and it felt cool, not cold.

My husband had a week earlier cut these sunflowers from the field for me. Yesterday tthese sunflowers looked like how I felt about the seanson change. From Happy to Sad just like that.

10 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. I refuse to believe that summer is over already regardless of what your flowers say. Lol. We’re visiting at our daughter’s and she has a vase of beautiful sunflowers that fortunately right now are still looking beautifully summery.

      1. That is cool. We’re expecting unusually high heat the next week. Thankfully we’re not in Phoenix!! Even here it will be in the 80’s, all Fahrenheit of course.

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