Lens Artists Challenge #225: Wildlife Close to Home

Ann from Slow Shutter Speed A photographic journey hosts this weeks Lens Artists Challenge #225: Wildlife Close to Home. Wrote; Stop. Look. Listen. Doing those three things will help you discover the abundance of wildlife you have nearby. You have wildlife in your yard, nearby park, local pond or lake and just about anywhere around you.

My contribution this week are these images. Animal Photography is not my forte, I don’t have the patience or the equipment to get the best shots, but I occasionally get a shot.

Birds big and small that I have been able to capture. this type of photography is not my forte.

Capturing this Seal was just a happy break, I was at a right place at right time.

18 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #225: Wildlife Close to Home

  1. Ritva, photographing wildlife may not be your forte, but you have some spectacular images here! I especially like the angle you took on the duck. I’m like you, macro is more my style and I don’t have a long enough lens to say wildlife is my passion. Well done, and thanks for bringing a smile to my morning.

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