I survived November 2022

Lepis kindly made a patch to celebrate us once again surviving the deadliest month of all, November.

Here we are December, I have taken few days to recover from daily posting. As nice at it is listening to music it was hard trying to find every day a photo to match.

I am once again in silence, I think I need to but the music on. I also noticed a slight blue in the sky… it has been gray day out lately. Maybe this will cheer me up

Trying to figure what to post as nothing is really catching my attention. I can go through my archives, there are tons of photos I have not posted, I could re-edit them.

“I know I have gotta find somekind of peace of mind” The brokenhearted, I put the music on 🙂

Time to have a cup of coffee ☕and have some pastry with it and take a photo.

I also need to catch up on commenting and replying to your comments, thanks to all already for doing so !

6 thoughts on “I survived November 2022

  1. Toisinaan on hyvä huilata! Minulle taisi käydä toisin päin. Marraskuun kuluessa meinasi puhti loppua kun töissä jouduin tuurauhommiin ja omat hommat sitä myöten tekemättä. Ja sitten viime metreillä iski flunssa, mutta sen jälkeen olenkin ollut täynnä energiaa ja samalla levollisin mielin. Eli se teki hyvää huilata pari päivää luvan kanssa.

      1. Jokin bitti taisi mennä paikalleen, sillä nyt olen tehnyt suursiivousta 🙂 Ihmismieli vaatii huilia, nyt on sinun vuoro!

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