How to Survive November 2022 – 8

I find this challenge harder than I thought, finding an image to go to a song is harder that I thought. Some of the songs that I like are hard to connect to a photo. This It took me quite some time to come up with an image.

This is singer, I love his voice, he is one of my absolute favorite artists, this man is able to touch every single part of my brain, soul and body just with his voice.

Paolo Nutini is a soul-influenced alternative singer-songwriter from Paisley, Scotland. He grew up listening to a range of folk, opera, jazz, and his father’s R&B favourites. Nutini’s debut album, These Streets, released in 2006 achieved double-platinum status and sent the four singles ‘Last Request’, ‘Jenny Don’t Be Hasty’, ‘Rewind’ and ‘New Shoes’ into the Top 40.

His catalogue has also ‘Sunny Side Up’ as well as 2014 album ‘Caustic Love’ which produced the hit singles ‘Candy’, ‘Let Me Down Easy’

From the corner of my eye
To the back of my mind
I recognize what you mean to me
And though the corners of our pictures
Are a long time frayed
They still symbolize what you mean to me

You ask me to remember
A kiss is but a kiss
Like I’d be a fool to want more from you

Thanks PARALLEL LINES |in scale for hosting How to Survive November once again.

At the ‘How to Survive November‘ monthly theme we will combine photo and sound. You can select a piece of music to your taste and find a photo to portray the song or you can make a drawing, painting or collage. The picture can be from your archives or you can get it fresh. Enjoy and have fun!