Six years old

The dreaded photographer’s block. I,ve had it. I have it now, sort of, As one is mostly at home.

You sit on your couch, you look at your beautiful gear, and you just don’t feel it. You can’t think of anything worth shooting. Nothing takes you.

It’s frustrating as hell. An empty feeling.

At this i take a look at archives and edit old photos that I have discarded previously, with my new found editing skills I am able to breathe new life to them. Maybe this will get me going.

Mostly I have taken photos of my grandchildren, when they let me.

15 thoughts on “Six years old

      1. Yes, true….but sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places! My ‘cup of coffee and a book’ series came from happening ac Ross something on a website

  1. Beautiful pictures, Ritva. And re the block, I guess the pandemic is affecting us all in that respect to some extent – I know I certainly feel it.

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