52 Frames, Week 10: Low Key!

This week, we’re going low, or at least shooting Low Key. 

A low key image is going to have shadows, dark tones and, in a lot of cases, the subject of the photo is the only thing shown off with your lighting.

And speaking of light, there is usually only one source of lighting, but be careful because you could shoot with one light source and still not be hitting a true low key photo.

Low Key
Monochrome profile in Low key

A low key shot draws the viewer’s eye to your subject with no distractions. Think dramaintensity, and moodiness.

If you’re thinking low key is only for studio work, think again! You’ll see in our examples great low key photos of wildlife, architecture, even landscapes.

Low key photography doesn’t mean it has to be a black and white photo. It’s the overall dark you find in the tones, not the absence of color, though that works, too. 

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