Heinola bird garden

Heinola bird garden was established in 1963. Heinola Town Supervisor,  Anthony Bosley donated a variety of parrots to the city, and the bird nursery started. Over the years the business has expanded. Bird nursery’s mission is to take care of injured wild birds and return them to  back to the nature after recovery. About 300 birds have been treated so far, but the number of lives all the time. The annual number of treated birds is approximately 200 – 250 individuals, of which about 30-40% can be returned back to the wild.

The main causes of injuries are, traffic, power lines and various types of large glass surfaces. These birds that wont survive  in the wild, but are able to live independently at the shelter, remain in the nursery. . Many species, such as owls are difficult to spot in the wild

Here are few pictures I was able to take there,,,