Traveling Crete #3

Do olives grow in Crete?

Common trees in Crete are the tamarisk , oak-, chestnut-, pine-, cypress– and the evergreen plane tree (Platanus ). It is quite often found in the village squares, offering its shade to people. A huge plane tree, or platanos in Greek, can be seen at Topolia village in west Crete “Monument of Nature” after a day on the road we did not go to see it but we did stop in the village. I will post some photos of it later.


It is believed that 55 to 65 percent of the cultivated land on Crete is given over to olive groves, which contain approximately 30 million trees, so that the groves cover one-fifth to one-quarter of the island. And I felt it, I am surprisingly allergic to the bloom of Olive trees and at the end of May early June there was still some in bloom.

Hill or mountainsides in Crete

This is going to be the one of many posts, so sorry 🙂 beforehand for the nearly same named posts.

10 thoughts on “Traveling Crete #3

  1. I was notaware of the amount of olivetrees on Crete…. wow !
    Our olive tree on the balcony is also in blossom now.
    Sorry to hear about your being allergic for olive blossoms.

  2. I didn’t realize there were so many olive tree there but I do love olives. Sorry you’re allergic to the blossoms. 😦 Do you like olives? You really don’t have to apologize for the titles of your posts. I doubt that anyone cares; they just enjoy the beauty you share.

        1. I used live by the sea as a kid (300meters) from the docks. the small woods area there has this own scent as the base of the woods has at some point been sea and the scent of that woods was so different from woods more inland. One of my scent memories…

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