Traveling Crete #5

Although Crete isn’t the homeland of oranges and lemons, citrus fruits play a huge role in the Cretan diet. If I saw many olive trees I did see some orange and lemon trees as well. Ancient Greeks used to believe that the Earth goddess, Gaia, gave citrus fruits as a gift to Zeus and Hera on their wedding.

The special microclimate in the area of Chania, as well as the abundant water available from the Cretan White Mountains, contribute to the growth of juicy oranges. I heard said that…

an Orange

“In fact, these oranges are among the most delicious in the world.”

Orange trees
Fresh oranges

Orange and Olive tree
Trees in Crete

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  1. There used to be many citrus groves in this part of Arizona. Sadly they’ve disappeared under the pressure to build more and more homes and businesses. Lots of people still have citrus trees in their yards and I’d love to have a lemon tree. Sometimes during citrus season, people not far from us put out bags and bags of lemons for people to take and I always grab some.

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