A conversation

As we don’t get to see our friends, acquaintances during this odd time, some people have been actively on the phone or making video calls. I’m not one of those, as nothing really happens, there isn’t much to say, repeat what we spoke about the last time as the days seem to repeat themselves day after day.

You know; breakfast, shower ( maybe) time at the computer, looking at the same news, lunch, tv, sleep. Repeat, repeat with ever so slight variables to the routine.


Today, I spoke to friend that has stayed with me from one of my jobs, from several years back. It is funny how we pick, get friends, who stay with us. I think I have kept about one friend from each one of my many jobs. They may not be someone I communicate with daily or even monthly, but when you speak you are at the same wavelength that you where when you saw daily at work. Remember, when we went to our workplace daily? They are part of your history from that part of your life.

Yes, back to the topic, I spoke to a friend who has been living in another country for past three years and now has returned home. We exchanged messages on messenger or whatsapp or both occasionally during this time, so I was slightly aware of her life situation. We spoke for over a hour of topics ranging from big to small, life, health, work, family, home interiors, cultural differences, age, growing old you name it. Say what you want about aging, it’s still the only way to have old friends said Robert Brault, I have to agree.


It was fun. Thanks so much for the call, it made my day slightly different from yesterday. One of these days, when the days warm up, we will meet and chat face to face, nothing beats the human contact.

The Weekend in Black and White

a chat

Conversation under the tree.

Friday, 24th January, 2014.