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MM 4/7 – empty bottles

at the old barn-8

It is interesting what you can find in an old barns, I have visited this ones yearly and still always something new pops up, like these bottles. More Monochrome photos at Monochrome Madness, please visit.

at the old barn-9

Monochrome Madness (22) – Wooden wall

The top one of these photos is my submission to week 22 to the  Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.This wall is from an old barn,it is  now days used as a junk store. I liked how the light came through the wooden planks. This time I also like the original photos, maybe even a bit more.

All details can be seen better by clicking at an image to enlarge them.

Junk store (70 of 91) Junk store (69 of 91) Junk store (67 of 91) Junk store (68 of 91)



I am again ahead of time,  as last time I was late with my entry.Did not make it , my bad. More beautiful photos at Monochrone Madness Tuesday July 29th.