Something I noticed #11

Reflection. I always look for those. I am also reflecting, pondering about the past and future.

I visited some art and photography exhibitions this summer, as well as looking at art, I looked at the people looking at it and , yes, reflections.

Art Exhibition “Kohtaamisia” at Taidekeskus Taarasti

I will be having an art exhibition with a childhood friend and Artist Tarja Bruun- Järvenpää in Septemper 2014, it is named, Kohtaamisia (encounters)  at Taidekeskus Taarasti Nastola.

Taidenäyttely Kohtaamisia 9_2014

Art Exhibition Opening at Galleria Fogga in Helsinki

Yesterday a dream came true.

I had my first art exhibition and I was so taken by the positive feedback I got and the people who came to share this special day with me.

Thank you so much for sharing this day with me.

Art exhibition / Taidenäyttely

Welcome to my art exhibition opening ! Tervetuloa taidenäyttelyni avajaisiin !