Valokuvatorstai – Rust – Ruoste

Here are some rusty old stuff, all photos can be enlarged by clicking them.


More at Valokuvatorstai 322. haaste

Valokuvatorstai – to take care of… / Huolehtia

Huolehtia – this one word in finnish,  means to take care of. That is the topic. I have two photos that hopefully show that.


More pictures of this topic at: Valokuvatorstai 321. haaste

Valokuvatorstai – Patience

No, No, no patience,  this was hard, what to photograph to convey patience. aah, … fishing –  i have none for it, lace making, no,no, not for me. I study sculpture, that requires patience and for some reason.  I have been able to summon up some to do it, here are few I’ve done.


Gratia – grace – armo


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The aim is to be inspired by a picture of a chain and leaf – you can see it from the link below if you wish.
2-DSC06747 1-DSC01300
More chains at:Valokuvatorstai

Valokuvatorstai- Dance

Click photos to enlarge them. More photos at Valokuvatorstai blog under the challenge link 315. haaste

Valo / Light

it is getting there – the darkness is about to embrace us for the months to come, so this lights are to soften the harshness of it all.

candle 2 candle 3 candle 4 candle candle5 light light2

more photos of light at

299. haaste

Pisara – Drop

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