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Scanning project

Today I created a new folder for my Travel photos. I created a folder for the countries I have visited and moved all the ones I could find to the right places. This is the beginning of my scanning project as there are several places I’ve visited before photos began to be in digital form. These two are from my first stay in NY.

New York 1983 no editing done to this image yet.

Old Edits – Entry

I have not been able to take all that many photos lately, but I have been editing my old photos. This month I am going to be posting those, I hope you like them, I found new views to them as they have been out of sight, out of mind for a while.

My first one is from India, Goa. Let this entry lead us to a trip of memories. Welcome to my colorful memories from my travels.India 3 (84 of 124)

Throwback Thursday

FB has this going around at the moment, so I thought I’d share few here too. The quality isn’t all that great…but memories are.The first two are old family photos, one with my dad and sisters and one with my mom. Ten there is the happy flower girls…and the last shot is from soccer’s world cup 1982 – Brazil was playing…as to celebrate the ones that started yesterday with a Brazil win

iportrait-11 portrait-12 portrait-14 portrait-13