Close up look at winter

For the first time this winter, I was about to write year, which is also true when I went out to take close ups the day was not a sunny day, cloudy I would say. The color tone of the shots from that day is totally different than the ones I took yesterday, when it was rather nippy (-18C). Yesterday the macro shots of frost, snow and the few pops of color I found more blue toned.

After this long introduction, these photos are from the cloudy day, not macros, but close ups, the last one just showing the tone of the day.


Frosty morning

Morning Sun behind the frosty trees

We have had several cold days this week, but the weather should be warming up a bit. This cold certainly brings us nice and sunshiny days and the clear starry nights. The amount of clothing you have to wear to keep warm. Layered clothing is the thing or just stay inside, which is the option i use the most.

We have been seeing news about Texas and other areas that are not used to winter conditions and the problems they are having…so sad.

February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow bloggers!

I am surprising you just with one photo today. I like how this turned out.

Silhouette of a tree

February 12

Repeat from yesterday, all this is still valid, today we have the bluest skies, so lovely! The minus side is that it is so COLD! -15C /5 F but with the wind factor it feels like -20C /-2F .

Wednesday, I went for a walk and a drive to few lovely seaside places. Here are few pictures from my next stop, the Marina in Soukka. I stopped to see if there were any ice hole swimmers about this morning, nope, not today. What I ended up trying to capture was the quickly changing sky, the play of the clouds and sun behind it, playing hide and seek. Clear blue higher up, cloudy near the ground.

Fellow photographer
Ice hole for our winter swimmers
empty dock

February 11

Today we have the bluest skies, so lovely! The minus side is that it is so COLD! -15C /5 F but with the wind factor it feels like -20C /-2F .

Sunrise today was at 8:09. Sunset today is at 17:00. Length of day 8 h 51 min. Spring is coming 🙂

Yesterday I went for a walk, despite the cold. My fingers did not thank me for taking photos 🙂

I visited the Suinonsalmi inlet, when I was a kid I came here often. I was not the only one out there, I saw people walking, cross country skiing even though it was rather cold. This was my first stop.


February 8

Today I finally got some stuff done. I took my spectacles to the optometrist to get them fixed, one of the lenses had a not so small scratch on it. Went to the pharmacy to get eye drops my eyes are so dry, as is my skin, winter…

I also took an artwork of mine to be printed, I sold one, I am rather happy about that. Hopefully it will come out nicely as it is largest I’ve had done so far.

Once again a picture of snow

I’ll have my coffee inside

Colorful tunnel

The tunnel to the railway station was always dirty, full of graffiti, dark and dingy. Nowadays it is colorful, bright and no one has yet done any graffiti art or scribble there which is a nice surprise

CB&W Hot or Cold

Black and white – Cold or Hot I am going with COLD. These are from Siuntio in southern Finland on a a cold winter day.

Looking out into the winter day from a drafty old barn


Sjundby river in winter. What a beautiful and photogenic place

December 2018~1

Yep! December…Maybe I should return to my regular way of posting, no words! I usually do not have much to say and I like to be under the illusion that the photos speak for themselves. Here is a frozen cone from my backyard. The setting sun gave the background a beautiful bokeh. I have edited the images trying to find the best look for the the frame. Which one works the best in your opinion, if any?

How to Survive November ~26

Beautiful Frosty morning, it inspired me, out I went and took macro shots of frost covered flowers  and weeds.

frost (5 of 6).jpg

December 19


Not totally white and blue, but the green of the pine trees is more on the blue toned green. Still it is a winter photo.

December #10


it is all green and cloudy, but  wouldn’t this be lovely, I does not look to promising that we will have snow anytime soon if you look at the forecast . The theme of blue and white continues

How to survive November 2017- 23

Sunday morning  and day  was no surprise to me it was grey and rainy again. In the afternoon there was a hint of light just before it set. We drove to Helsinki and on our way back 16:30 it was dark again. The joys of light.

xmas lights (5 of 9)

How to survive November 2017- 22

Saturday morning surprised me with sunshine as I walked to get the morning paper from the mail box. Happy, happy 😃