Valokuvatorstai: TOIVO – HOPE

Toivo - Heijastus

Sielunpeilin on mahdotonta heijastaa mitään, mikä ei ole sen edessä.

Tyyni järvi ei voi kuvastaa syvyydessään vuorta, puuta tai pilveä, elleivät ne ole aivan lähellä.

Valo ei voi luoda maahan esineen varjoa, ellei esinettä ole olemassa.
Mitään ei voi nähdä, kuulla tai muuten aistia, ellei sitä ole olemassa.

 Kahlil Gibran

Tie kohti toivoa



I’m participating in the onlineadventure travel and photography’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers This week’s Challenge is: Reflections!

These are reflections from on a lake in Vierumäki .

reflection on a lake In Heinola  heinola lake view

The end of a rapid in Kumianmylly, Nastola

Kumian mylly

Port in Helsinki

Port in Helsinki

ein stück himmel # 64

ein stück himmel # 64

it is a piece of heaven – when we have blue skies, “warm” winter weather -2C, no wind…

blue skies... spring blue skies long shadows house by the sea path to the ice ice fishing skiing on ice /sea

Värikollaasi 118

Värikollaasi 118

I thought I would not find these colors at all…

Yesterday when walking I saw this flower holder built on this house – I took a photo reference so my husband could build me one.

Well at least I can dream that he will 🙂 So lucky me – I think the colors are in this 🙂

colors 118 20103-2-24 Jade1

Lets Be Wild – Spring!

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Spring!

These are the colors of spring… yellow, green and white. Impatiently waiting for them.

This morning the temperature was -21C, so no spring for us yet.

The first signs are  dandelions popping up, the new light green of  the grass and the whiteness of cow parsley growing by the sidewalks

 voikukka_n Nurmi kevät, koiranputki water front

Värikollaasi 117

Värikollaasi 117

Nämä värit ovat haastavat minulle ja mitään ei tahtonut tulla mieleen – onneksi on konserttea ja valoshow niissä upeita. Oheiset on The Killers keikalta.

Toinen on hiukan lähempää keittiönpöydän ympärillä otettuja kuvia.

These colors were a challenge, thank god for concerts and great light shows, there are from  The Killers concert in Helsinki.

The others are taken at home …around my kitchen table.

THe Killers At home

Nature – Black and White

I’m participating in the onlineadventure travel and photography magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers

This week’s Challenge is: Black and White!

I find that when photographing nature in  black and white has to have good shadows and light all in balance, also I find that  graphic shapes come out looking best. Tree trunks, roads, flowers with graphic shape…here are some of my shots.

pavement SONY DSC SONY DSC spruce drops sea movement on water SONY DSC

Kaunis Blog

WONDERS  gave me a Kaunis Blog tag (Beautiful Blog)

Kaunis blogi - tunnustusKIKI (1)-normal

Thank you, it so nice to be liked… now I am to reveal 8 things about me

1. I am bit of a slob work is not one of my favorite things

3. I like eating in restaurants – conclusion I do not like to cook.

4.I love beautiful things

5. I love SUNSHINE and WARM weather

6. I am not a winter person

7.I love to travel

8. I spend way too much time at the computer

I appreciate so many of my follow bloggers, their talent and skill.

Many are an inspiration to me – I’ve learned so much visiting these pages. If you see this please pick it up.

I salute your talent. HANS beautiful photography, DEBORAH, lovely digital art, GUNILLA for her Macro posts, UUNA for her beautiful art and challenges.

SIM – absolutely amazing digital work. And also to the very active challenge keeper  Tee Tee at VÄRIKOLLAASIT ect  how you help me see colors.

 WONDERS of  course as she pulled me into this blog world – her link is at the top. TinasPisStory for all her challenges and beautiful photos.

I could go on , Loris’ Art, FFF challenge keepers …thank you all.